ep 004: Life and Career of a Quant Hedge Fund Manager-Steve Mobbs 

By Nikita Fadeev   •   27, May, 2020  
steve mobbs
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Steve Mobbs was the co-founder of OxAM, a quantitative hedge fund which peaked at $5 billion in AUM. In this episode, Steve gives his behind the scene of the hedge fund world and expands on his experience. You will learn how and why his first fund failed and what lessons he learned from that experience. He also explains how he started OxAM and grew it from a small team with AUM of 10 million to a multi-billion dollar powerhouse with over 100 employees. Steve also goes in length to discuss the trade-offs between being small and nimble vs large and slow to adjust. 

topics discussed:

  • How did your degree prepare you for the career?

  • Time on the sell-side and notable stories

  • Young man in a hurry

  • Bouncing back from failure and setting up OxAM

  • Medici Capital Management vs OxAM

  • AUM growth and how it changed the day-to-day?

  • Capacity constraints and human aspects during expansions

  • Did hedge funds live up to the expectation during COVID19?

  • Outlook on the industry

  • Are investors adjusting their expectations to something more realistic?

  • Advice to younger self

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