ep 007: the power of innovation - marty lueck

By Nikita Fadeev   •   17, Jun, 2020  
marty lueck
Research Director and President, Aspect Capital

Marty co-founded Aspect Capital in September 1997 and is the Research Director. He oversees the Research Team responsible for generating and analysing fundamental research hypotheses for development of all Aspect’s investment programmes. Marty is also a member of Aspect’s Investment Committee. He currently serves on the Board of the National Futures Association and as Chair of the Oxford Physics Development Board.

Prior to founding Aspect, Marty was with Adam, Harding and Lueck Limited (AHL), which he co-founded in 1987 with Michael Adam and David Harding. At AHL, Marty was instrumental in developing AHL’s trading systems and approach to research as well as the proprietary software language that provided the platform for all of AHL’s product engineering and implementation. He holds an M.A. in Physics from Oxford University.

topics discussed:

  • Background in Physics at Oxford

  • Journey to the creation of AHL

  • From 100k to 300 million in AUM

  • Changes after the acquisition of AHL

  • How Aspect Capital was founded

  • Milestones in the evolution of CTAs

  • Main driver of innovation in CTA

  • Most interesting developments in recent years

  • Advice to younger self

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